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Mad-Eye Libs

Harry Potter Mad Libs!

4/18/06 06:14 pm - dsbs - Greetings

Hey, all. Just a heads up: There will be a new mad_eye_libs by next Wednesday. That's the 26th, so keep a heads up!

4/1/06 10:15 pm - dsbs - Round 2 - complete

Alright! It's done! Finally!

Round 2, based on millieweasley's A Kiss:

Rating: Pg-13, I think. Although the 'c-word' is used, so if you're offended by that, here's your warning. And now, here's the fic:Collapse )

2/25/06 09:00 pm - dsbs

Hey guys, just a reminder that we've only got nearly all the words for this month's mad lib. However, this is clearly not all the words, a goal we've had our fingers and toes crossed about meeting. So click the link</i> and fork over some vocab. We're almost there!

1/4/06 01:21 am - dsbs - Round 2

Alright. It's 1:00am, but I haven't gone to sleep yet, and hey, it's still Tuesday in some places, right?

So here's the first Mad Eye List of 2006:

1. adjective
2. verb
3. plural noun
4. noun
5. plural noun
6. adjective
7. verb
8. verb
9. verb
10. verb
11. verb, past tense
12. verb ending in “ing”
13. adverb
14. adjective
15. verb
16. verb
17. body part
18. body part
19. body part
20. body part
21. verb ending in “ing”
22. adjective
23. verb
24. noun
25. body part
26. body part
27. animal
28. animal
29. verb ending in “ing”
30. number
31. verb
32. onomatopoeia
33. clothing
34. body part
35. number
36. adverb
37. adverb
38. verb ending in “ing”
39. onomatopoeia
40. place
41. profanity!
42. adverb
43. body part
44. verb
45. place
46. body movement
47. noun
48. body part
49. body part

Due to the huge enormity of the numerous numbers, I think everyone can go twice this time, eh persephone56? But that's the limit.

Please feel free to, shall we say, "advertise" nah, pimp this community in your livejournals, and spread the news that a new list is up.

Go wild!

12/27/05 12:32 am - dsbs - In answer to the question I know you've all been asking:


We are not dead/AWOL/MIA/shut down/gone or forgotten. Just busy. However, the thing with business, is that eventually, it passes. persephone56 is on holiday and I'm doing homework catch-up from a week off school sick (not as pleasant as it sounds), so there may not be an update here until the new year. However, there won't be one any later than, say, the 3rd of January.

We wish you a very happy holiday celebration with your friends and family, and great New Year, and all the best. Enjoy the holidays!

~ dsbs and persephone56

12/6/05 06:21 pm - dsbs - Round 1 - Complete

Hey you guys, thanks SO MUCH for your enthusiasm. Here's the first round, based on persephone56's A Moste Importante Question:

Rating: Pg-13, tops. You guys need to work on your dirt!Collapse )

11/20/05 10:40 pm - dsbs - Round 1

Alright, guys, here are the words:

1. sound effect – onomatopoeia

2. verb

3. adjective

4. verb, past tense

5. adjective

6. verb ending in ‘ing’

7. verb

8. noun

9. adjective

10. verb

11. verb ending in ‘ing’

12. verb ending in ‘ing’

13. verb

14. verb

15. verb ending in ‘ing’

16. noun

17. verb ending in ‘ing’

18. verb

If you need clarification on how to play, check this post, or the user info.

Have fun!

11/13/05 12:03 pm - dsbs - (Verb: Welcome) - A message from your friendly neighbourhood moderator.

Hello, Yo, Welcome, Greetings, S'up, and Good day.

mad_eye_libs is finally open for business and ferret bouncing!

Presumably, if you've joined the community, you know what mad libs are. But just in case,

Mad Libs™ are stories in which certain words have been deleted. You (if you so desire) participate by filling in the missing words. For more in-depth information, check the user info, or your missing childhood.

Here's how it works:
Your mods, the brilliant persephone56 and I, will post a list of words that are needed. (For example: 1. noun 2. adverb) You reply to the post with the next word needed. If you're the first to post, pick word #1 (say, "pygmy puff”). The second to post does word #2 (say, "highly”), and so on. Just one word per person! When all the words have been given, the story will be posted under a separate cut. Once again, please see the user info for more...info.

Before we start, we need your help. This is a Harry Potter Mad Libs Community, and we need Harry Potter related...literature for massacring. If you have fics (good or bad), news articles, character profiles, discussions, or anything else Harry Potter related and involving adverbs and words ending with 'ing' that you wouldn't mind sharing, please post a link to them in the comments, or e-mail it to me at ouch_it_burns@hotmail.com.

Feel free to pimp this community to your heart's content. The more the merrier, and all that jazz.

Alastor Moody would greatly appreciate it if you use CONSTANT VIGILANCE have as much fun as possible.
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